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merry_pippin [userpic]
by merry_pippin (merry_pippin)
at November 7th, 2007 (11:35 pm)

Pippin: ((why have you never drawn the russians?))
Merry: ((because I can't actually draw, I can only fake it, and faking a contingent of russians would require EFFORT))
Pippin: ((well do it in paint then.))
Merry: (( can't do a thing in paint, mate, I've said that))
Pippin: ((you just think you can't, just make stick russians))
Merry: ((just for you I am doing that))
Merry: http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/4108/russianmn1.jpg
Pippin:................... you've been watching way too much anime, hahahaha
Merry: LOL
Merry: no
Merry: they're color coded
Merry: so we know who they are
Merry: there are friggin' 9 of them
Merry: it'd get confusing if they all were normal looking
Pippin:true... so you dyed their hair to tell them apart
Pippin: i approve.
Merry: teehee

merry_pippin [userpic]
Merry and PIppin (and Merry's little sister herafter called 'gollum' have a real adventure....
by merry_pippin (merry_pippin)
at August 20th, 2006 (01:57 am)

so....Pippin decided that she'd make a REAL ketchup bomb since they are so fun in the real world and bought water balloons, ketchup, baking soda, and vineger. She worked out so things with her mum at her house about the combining of baking soda and vineger in the ballon and then came over and , in the rain, began the experiments in Merry's backyard.

It was a learning expereince . First we tried putting some baking soda and some ketchup in a balloon, blowing it up, and attaching a siringe full of viniger to it, injecting the vineger and lobbing it  away.  Baking soda was added via turkey bastor and the ketchup via the ketchup nozzle.

Merry earned the nickname the Nozzler since she put the ballons over the nozzle. Pippin thinks she should be a batman villian.

The problem with the first one was that really it didn't explode so much as pop and while we had some ideas for making it explode, we decided it would be more fun just to put ketchup in ballons and through them at trees. In future though we might use ballon animal balloons and keep the ingrediants in seperate sections twisted off untill being ready to explode it, how, exactly, we're not sure yet.

In the process Pippin was disgusted by the fact that Merry liked to eat the baking soda. Then, when it came time to play with the vineger, Pippin was revealed to enjoy drinking it. Merry's sister pointd out that they would explode if combined.

We take it as evidence that we're perfect conterparts.

After playing with ketchup, soaking wet, we decided to go to the llama farm. PIppin wanted to go, and by go, Merry thought she ment "drive by, or maybe pull over and point and take pictures' what pippin actually meant was park in the driveway, and the walk up to the fence and look for llamas, call they over, and then run up to the closet one and snap a picture, all in full veiw of the house where the people who own the farm probably live.

see quote page for something Merry and Pippin actually said about llamas.

In the end it was decided that Pippin was the wheelman, Gollum was the hitman, and Merry was the look out. But, depsite the red mess in the back yard, no one died.

So after the first bit of trespassing went off more or less smoothly, Gollum wanted to go see the BUddhists. Pippin went when in hs to visit the buddihsts who ahve a retreat on the hill, not the llama hill though. So after driving around looking for buddhists, Merry and Gollum ended up exploring a path that went nowhere disernable but did run into a hippie on a bike who gave them directions....

however, part way on the long driveway there, Pippin asked Gollum what exactly "see the Buddhists" meant. Gollum didn't know. Pondering then whether to drive up and ask to talk to them or just point and take picture like they were llamas (as opposed to lamas since these were apperently of the Zen sort of Buddhists) Pippin and Gollum ultimately decided to go and ask for pamfletes. Merry however was too afraid of the terrifying and dangerous Buddhists that she did not follow them as they wandered in and took a newslater since the buddhists were in there saturday silence thing.

after that Pippin took Merry and Gollum home and everyone walked away like nothing happen.

merry_pippin [userpic]
first offically update, haha!
by merry_pippin (merry_pippin)
at August 6th, 2006 (07:47 am)


well that should be everything. I think I've sucessfully moved the whole IM Window webpage to its new home, here, in LJ universe place where, hopefully it will be happier.

You know, no more ads or possible tracking cookies and the like, nice safe ad free space. Its a little different, being a webpage inside an LJ community, but it might work out best and, maybe...JUST maybe....it will mean PIp will actually update it herself someday.

my next trick will be to make some community icons or something and get the multiparted adventures interlinked so you can get from part 1 to 2 without going backwards.

merry_pippin [userpic]
welcome! welcome!
by merry_pippin (merry_pippin)
at January 5th, 2015 (07:34 am)

~*~ Home of Merry and Pippin -+-

Looking around you see purple walls and a purple ceiling, and...

Current Madness


The Russians

The Chinese Man


IM Window Yard



IM Window Layout

 Adventures Archive


Random Quotes

merry_pippin [userpic]
by merry_pippin (merry_pippin)
at August 6th, 2006 (07:30 am)

....usually this wouldn't work, you know....but, as we have the sign, its all good.

so now that you've climbed out, coughing, from Flich's fireplace, fancy a poke about his office?

Merry, Pippin, and a Fire Demon at Hogwarts: parts 1, 2, and 3

merry_pippin [userpic]
by merry_pippin (merry_pippin)
at August 6th, 2006 (06:40 am)

you find yourself in the fireplace of a large and dark gray room that looks like it might be in a castle, above a large mirror you see a coat of arms with ravens and pigs with the name BUNNEYS on it. A butler might appraoch and demand to know your buisness and threaten to kick you out but if you can avoid him, the maid, and anyone else up to the kids room, there is infact a pet rabbit.

This is the castle of the rather formal and stuffy familly Bunnys, which Merry discovered when too sleepy.

The children of the house are Sarah and Birtchmitton the IX, a small boy and his sister.

Sleep: parts 1, 2 3, and 4
Adventuring in IM Window Land : parts 1 and 2

merry_pippin [userpic]
by merry_pippin (merry_pippin)
at August 6th, 2006 (06:26 am)

  Headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix

 To get here from the IM Window you of course have to use floo powder. You also have to have been given a note or message from Albus Dumbledore telling you that 12 Grimmauld Place is actually the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix. Now in case you're worried that some one is still watching the floo network there are three things you should know:

1) The IM Window is as imaginary as 12 Grimmauld Place and similarly unplottable
2) The Fidelius Charm
3) (aka The Sign)

Now back to the dirty fireplace you've found yourself in to get here:
Looking around you see a kitchen. There is a table. Often times Kreacher the House Elf will be cleaning and some number of the Order will be sitting around.

 Regulars, Visitors, and Residents of Grimmauld Place that have turned up in Merry and Pippin's adventures:

Fred and George Weasley ~ most often around the table ready for an adventure, developers of tools for mischief makers...often drawing inspiration from Pippin and her misadventures
       Sleep: parts 1, 2 3, and 4
Kreacher the House Elf ~ Mad old elf who's used to serving dark wizards and who likes to taunt Pippin about being a Muggle and generally cause trouble (helped out the Dark Side leading to Sirius's fall BTV)
       Run ins with Kreacher:
       Kreacher 1
       Kreacher 2
       Kreacher/Russians Crossover
Remus Lupin ~ Former Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, Werewolf, and one of the people who often helps patch Pippin back together
Molly Weasley ~ Mother hen, cook, and another person who patches Pip back up
Snuffles ~ Contrary to popular belief Sirius Black did not die, he simply went beyond the veil (BTV) and is hiding out in his canine form next door to Pippin until J.K. Rowling needs him again; Merry and Pippin like to sneak him over to #12 to visit Harry and the others
Tonks ~ Never call her by her first name, clumsy and funny, adult on the outside but often a Fred/George/Ginny/Pippin at heart
Ginny Weasley ~ Going the way of Fred and George a bit, always good for a laugh with the twins
"Mad-Eye" Moody ~ CONSTANT VIGILANCE! An ex-Auror who is constantly on the look out for dark wizards and other enemies.
Harry Potter ~ Mostly hangs out with Snuffles though he did have a conversation with Pippin once when Merry was sleepy and acting oddly
Arthur Weasley ~ Not around much for adventures, loves Muggles and Muggle stuff, once helped cure Pip's burns from when Thorin (not the dwarf) lit her on fire
Albus Dumbledore ~ Excellent dancer and Twister player, Secret Keeper for the Order,  greatest wizard in the world
Ron Weasley ~ Played frisbee in the dark with Pippin and Merry (And Fred, George, Ginny, and Snuffles)
Kingsley Shacklebolt ~ Once stopped in for a sandwich

merry_pippin [userpic]
by merry_pippin (merry_pippin)
at August 6th, 2006 (06:00 am)

Best way to get from here to the Magical Wolrd, grab some floo powder, throw it in the fire, and say something:

12 Grimmauld Place
St. Mungo's
Diagon Alley (comming eventually)

merry_pippin [userpic]
by merry_pippin (merry_pippin)
at August 6th, 2006 (05:53 am)

~*~ "Hello" ~+~

Hanging from the purple ceiling is a number of male Russians. They moved in after the finger trap incident. They just stay up there, hanging by their feet unless they are needed...or occasionally one will fall on Pippin accidentally. Occasions when they have come in handy are when Pip asked Merry to paint the IM window purple while she was out. They also fixed the door when Pip slammed it too hard and once when a pack of wolves/werewolves moved into the IM Window yard they went out and killed the werewolf that bit Merry and rescued Pippin from some others. They of course only attacked in self defense.

А  Oleg ~ the some what oblivious leader
Б Bogdan ~ strong silent type
В Trofim ~ agile silent type
Г Gleb ~ has a thing for Pippin
Д Rostislav ~ has no real personality because Merry keeps forgetting about him
Е Illarion ~ quiet but sensitive
Ё Valery ~ brave and outgoing
Ж Nikita ~ translates for the Chinese Man
З Yakov ~ the bearer of the ring, the wearer of the ring...Yakov has Gypsy ancestors

Finger Trap Incident
Russians/Kreacher crossover

merry_pippin [userpic]
by merry_pippin (merry_pippin)
at August 6th, 2006 (05:47 am)

    Pippin had an IM window before Merry was allowed to use it (Merry's dad had something against it and she had to wait until having her own computer) and Pip found that there were stores that sold pet Chinese Men in diapers. Now before anyone gets offended, this is not Pippin's fault, and I'm sure there many such shops selling pets of any nationally/enthicity in any manner of garments if you only know where in IM world to look (which Pippin confirms). But Pippin has found that these Chinese Men in diapers make excellent pets for IM windows. One of Pippin's such pets was eaten by Thorin (not the dwarf) and she has lost a few along the way sadly but the current one was been with Merry and Pippin for awhile now.

    The Chinese Man speaks only Chinese which was a problem until Nikita moved into the IM Window as he can translate. Pippin spends a lot of time playing go-fish with the Chinese Man, a game that is much easier with a translator.  The Chinese Man has his own rug that he sleeps on and his favorite toy was a certain broken toaster...but alas it was smashed to bits when Pippin was raging about some one making a fanlisting for Peter Pettigrew. The Chinese Man's favorite food is bananas.

    The Chinese Man is a very intelligent person and he recognized Merry's wound as a werewolf bite when Merry was misfortunate enough to be bitten. He is also very loving and loyal to Pippin. He was traumatized by Fred and George who introduced him to Exploding Snap and a sweet that removes one's tongue. He is also sometimes jealous of Muffin. Pippin takes good care of her Chinese Man.

    Are you wondering who changes the Chinese Man's diapers? Well there is actually a closet in the IM Window where John Travolta lives and he is the one who bathes and changes the Chinese Man. There is also a lever Pip can pull and a disco ball and music and John Travolta come out of the closet so he can dance for her. He was also a discovery of Pippin's before Merry could IM.

merry_pippin [userpic]
by merry_pippin (merry_pippin)
at August 6th, 2006 (05:37 am)

     #### Muffin ####

The story of Muffin is actually quite amusing. Once Merry and Pippin were so deep in talk while in the kitchen of #12 they didn't notice everyone leave. Finally noticing they were alone they pondered where everyone had gone but reasoned Sirius might still be in the house as he can't really go out since he's supposed to be BTV. Now Pippin began searching the upstairs while Merry finished looking in the basement. It was very scary and a little dangerous and the two called for Sirius but still trying not to wake the portraits. Eventually Merry got trapped in a chair in a dark room. Pippin became worried when Merry did not answer and went to investigate. She found Kreacher and something making noises in a corner. Kreacher taunted her about the veracity of his mistress's "Muffin" that might eat her. When the creature moved under the floor boards Pippin lept onto the table in fright. The suspense was horrible but eventually who should burst from the floor boards but a ragged puffskein!

Now you might be relieved as Pippin was and Pippin got off the table and petted the Puffskein who loved the attention. Merry got out of the scary chair in the scary room and Pippin let Merry pet Muffin to soothe her fright. Just then Sirius came down (he'd been in the attic) he recognized Muffin and was surprised to see it. Sirius then revealed that Kreacher had not been lying about Muffin. He had Muffin roar. Muffin is in fact a fanged Puffskein and Sirius says it is well within Muffin's power to eat Merry or Pippin. But somehow all the years under the floor at 12 Grimmauld Place have made Muffin sweet and loving. (Everyone else was out getting ice cream, as it turned out).

Merry begged to keep Muffin though Pippin had reservations (...the long, sharp teeth perhaps?). It was agreed that Merry could keep Muffin if Muffin was kept in a cage. Particularly with the Chinese Man around. Remus Lupin provided a cage and Muffin went home to the IM Window to be well cared for by Merry.

But the Saga of Muffin is far from over.

Pippin was minding her own business, talking a shower. When she got out she discovered that her pants were missing. Knowing the Puffskein's habit of collecting objects with it's tongue she knew right where to look but was embarrassed to be seen by the Russian's in her towel. To remedy the situation, Merry bought Muffin some toys.

Muffin's current horde:

~ a little rubber football
~ a rattle
~ a set of silverware
~ a hairbrush it stole from Pip and drooled on so that she discarded it
~ a pair of shoes
~ a pair pants
~ a little blankie

Muffin enjoys playing "find-the-toy", a game in which Merry or Pippin will hide some of Muffin's toys around the IM Window and then Muffin will snake it's long tongue out to reclaim its objects. Merry and Pippin don't like to watch that part.

merry_pippin [userpic]
by merry_pippin (merry_pippin)
at August 6th, 2006 (05:22 am)

Occasionally Merry or Pippin will venture out into the great IM world outside. This often results in them becoming muddy. There is mud, grass, and trees in the yard around the IM window. Pippin likes to play frisbee in the yard and once got the frisbee stuck in a tree. She then had to climb the tree and nearly feel out of it. When Merry got a ladder Pippin gave up on the frisbee and climbed to the top, spotting Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli and called them over. Pip then got stuck up the tree and Merry has to get George Weasley come and use his broom to rescue her. That was followed by the historic meeting of George Weasley and the three Fellowship members. And a great game of frisbee. George was responsible for clonking Aragorn on the head with the frisbee which brought him back to his senses and he remembered he was King and had to go home to Arwen. Previously he'd been wandering around threatening trees and causing the elf and dwarf no end of trouble.

The outside is also where Pippin ran off to when Merry snapped at her to "go jump of photosystem II". Merry had been annoyed but did not want to cause Pippin any damage so she picked something impossible to jump off of...sadly she under estimated Pip. Pippin went off searching for a way to do as she was told. After awhile Merry got worried and went looking for Pip only to be found by a pack of wolves. Merry is no good in such situations and got bit. This bite turned out to be given by a werewolf. PIppin was most annoyed as she never expected Merry to follow her and of the two of them Pippin was better suited to be a werewolf as Pippin wouldn't really care and Merry was displeased.
Adventuring in IM Window Land : parts 1 and 2

merry_pippin [userpic]
by merry_pippin (merry_pippin)
at August 6th, 2006 (05:15 am)

(don't expect us to rescue you)

The Evil Little Girl lives in a big manor house. It has many rooms including a kitchen, which is where Merry came out when she climbed the rope from the basement. At that time the Little Girl had Nicholas Cage in her fridge. Pippin and Lil Lestat ended up spending the night in her room under her bed while Merry spent the night outside in the Evil Little Girl's woods.

Apart from kidnapping movie stars, the Evil Little Girl likes to plot with Death Eaters prompting their attack on the IM window. In Pippin's concussion induced hallucination, she was able to defeat even the Russians, making her, at least in Pippin's head, a very powerful foe.

The True Horrors of the Little Girl: parts 1, and 2
Flying Primates...: parts 1, 2 ,3, 4, and 5
Attack: parts 1 , 2, and 3

merry_pippin [userpic]
by merry_pippin (merry_pippin)
at August 6th, 2006 (05:12 am)

Pippin: i still want a hat that will talk to me and argue with me
Merry: you said that
Merry: Kasia
Merry: *laughs hysterically*
Pippin: i know but i really want one
Pippin: hint hint
Merry: *hands you a fez*
Pippin: ... doesn't talk
Merry: "that's what you think"
Pippin: woah
Pippin: cool!
Pippin: where on earth did you find a talking fez?
Merry: flee market
Merry: I walked by and a voice said you'd like it
Merry: "That was me."
Pippin: i hope it's as sarcastic and obnoxious as i am
Merry:"I said, said I, "Yo! You're friend would like me!"
Pippin: yo... hahahaha you're a ghetto fez
Merry: "True dat."
Merry: "hahahahahahaha, actually,"
Merry: "I am not."
Pippin: oh, then it's amanda
Pippin: hahahaha
Merry: "I am, in fact, a bless-ed fez."
Merry: "All that wear me are blessed."
Pippin: that's funny actually... as i am a bless-ed KP, and all hats that sit on my head are blessed as well
Merry: "Meh, you're not as blees-ed as me."
Merry: "I sewn in 1603"
Merry: "By GOD HIMSELF....or...someone like him..."
Pippin: perhaps i'm not as bless-ed as you are.... but i AM 10 times the size of you, and can easily flush you down the toilet
Merry: "...hah. I am a bless-ed fez, you can't get rid of me that easily."
Merry: "And I'm stain and oder resistant."
Pippin: ... but... it'd be a hell of an inconvenience
Merry: "Also, rain, fire, and magma resitant."
Merry: "...well I suppose it would. But you'd pay for it."
Merry: ....*sigh*
Pippin: ... but being 10 times your size i can also lock you in a room and force you to watch horrible 80s movies 24/7
Merry: "You think so do you?"
Pippin: i know so
Merry: "I may be but a small fez, BUT DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE MY POWERS"
Merry: *lightning flashes*
Merry: *thunder booms*

Merry: .....
Pippin: yeah... whatever... meanwhile i feel the need... THE NEED FOR SPEED! **tom cruise walks out of the closet**
Merry: flea markets are now on my 'SCARY' list
Pippin: **KP looks surprised** "..... I was hanging out with Travolta."
Merry: ....
Pippin: **tom cruise leaves without another word**
Merry: this is one of those days....
Pippin: ..... i think you're right
Merry: "Now then...have you any M&Ms?"
Pippin: nay, and what makes you think i'd give them to you if i did?
Merry: *more lightning and thunder*
Pippin: don't make me get tom cruise back in here
Merry: ....seriously...never going to a flea market again
Pippin: what's wrong, lee-lee? scared of a little lightening and thunder?
Merry: ...no....of talking hats
Pippin: you know i have a seam ripper in the other room
Pippin: and no one is going to be afraid of a talking bless-ed piece of cloth
Merry: "...this very room?...."
Merry: "...I am...uh...late. Yes I must be going now..."
Pippin: mmm hmmm you're not goin' anywhere
Merry: *raises eyebrow*
Pippin: except on the hat rack
Merry: "....well it better be a good class hat rack...."
Merry: "None of these...deer antler ones or such trash."
Merry: "I was sewn BY GOD HIMSELF you know...or someone who looked like him. So I do desrve first class accomidations."
Merry: ...
Pippin: uhhh... we don't have one at the moment, but i can make a hat rack out of straws
Merry: "STRAWS!"
Pippin: but... they're... bless-ed straws?
Merry: I'm sure the russians could make a nice one...
Merry: " Oh well...bless-ed straws..."
Merry: "That's another matter..."
Pippin: **shrug** it's up to him **points to hat**
Pippin: bless-ed straws or a really nice russian-made one?
Merry: *thoughtful silence*
Pippin: in the words of Lestat, you have four seconds to make up your mind.
Merry: "hmmm...well a bless-ed hat ought to have a bless-ed hatrack"
Merry: "Yes indeed, I should."
Merry: "Bless-ed starws it is!"
Pippin: right then, they're in the kitchen, i'll be right back
**KP walks to the kitchen**
Merry: ...you are a scary hat
Merry: "Indeed I am!"
Pippin: **comes back a few moments later with a very shoddy looking hat rack made of store-bought straws and scotch tape**
Pippin: here
Pippin: **KP stands the hat rack on the table... it droops**
Merry: "hmmm, well...bless-ed straws....alright...."
Pippin: that's right
Pippin: manufactored by god himself
Pippin: or some factory workers that look like him
Merry: "Ok!"
Merry: "kindly set me upon this holy structure."
Pippin: **KP puts the hat on the shoddy hat rack.... it droops severely but doesn't fall apart**
Merry: .......
Pippin: mmm hmmm... whatever... i'll tell john travolta to dust you once a month
Merry: "...no please...don't leave me...I'm lonely."
Merry: "I've been alone all along..."
Merry: *sniffs*
Merry: "No one loves me."
Merry: "I leave lint on their heads..."
Merry: .........................
Pippin: aww
Pippin: poor little hat 
Merry:"I...I was almost a dentist once...but...I haven't got hands...so they laughed me out of dentistry school..."
Merry: ah...ha
Pippin: **KP looks at colleen... then gets an idea and walks to the closet**
Merry: "You'll love me, won't you?"
Pippin: **KP knocks... john travolta comes to the door... he sees the hat... you can almost hear "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing" playing softly**
Merry: "oh please...I'm not..."
Pippin: **john travolta walks to the hat, almost in a dream state**
Pippin: ".... What a gorgeous hat!" **he finally manages to get out**
Merry: "....you...like me?"
Pippin: "Like you? I think I may have found my one true hat...." **John Travolta puts the hat on his head**
Pippin: **KP looks creeped out.**
Merry: *hat makes no noise but a sense of wamth falls over the IM window*
Merry: *lee-lee looks creeped out too*
Pippin: .......................... **KP takes a step back**
Merry: ...cat...ita....*squeasks moving toward door*
Pippin: **John Travolta looks happier than he's ever looked in his life** "I feel suddenly complete..." **he walks back towards the closet slowly**
Merry: *blinks three times looking amazed*
Pippin: ... **looks at Lee-Lee**
Merry: *looks back at KP*...*shakes head*
Pippin: this IM window gets stranger and stranger
Merry: so it does
Pippin: and how the hell did Tom Cruise get in there without us noticing?
Merry: ....uhhhhhhh
Merry: maybe...when we were gone....
Merry: ...unless Travolta has a fireplace or some other transpotation method in that closet....
Pippin: ... i'm not goin' in there to ask
Pippin: not after that hat episode
Merry: no
Pippin: **bach flies in and lands on colleen's head**
Merry: ....
Merry: Kashka
Merry: your bird is on my head
Pippin: ... so he is
Pippin: **bird doesn't move**
Merry: ....Bach perhaps you'd like to perch elsewhere?
Pippin: **bach tilts his head**
Pippin: **KP laughs at colleen**
Merry: ...*sighs* it IS one of those days

merry_pippin [userpic]
by merry_pippin (merry_pippin)
at August 6th, 2006 (04:43 am)

This is the IM Window Basement.

There are stairs leading down (Pip always trips over the first one) from outside into the darkness. There's a hole in the wall that leads down to Braghder's lair (he's the...uh...person who lives under the IM window) and then the basement itself is empty and boring accept for the ever changing entrances to other dimensions. Once it was stairs, then a rope (both leading up) and then a hole (leading down).  While always good for an adventure the basement usually leads to something scary. Like a dungeon with a horrible monster that nearly eats Merry and Pippin...or worse, the Evil Little Girl's dimension.

We don't know much about Braghder except that he lives under the basement, is made of tar and old tools, and is seemingly friendly...though very afraid of the Evil Little Girl.

Speaking of whom, if you dare (and we don't recommend you do) you can visit her dimension via the bookcase that happens to be here now.

But we suggest just reading this adventure:

Meeting Braghder

merry_pippin [userpic]
by merry_pippin (merry_pippin)
at August 6th, 2006 (04:36 am)

Welcome to John Travolta's Closet.

We have no more idea why you're here then why Tom Cruise keeps turning up in here...

The place is full of pink inflatable furniture...again we don't ask. Travolta is wearing a Fez...a talking Fez made by God himself....or someone like him.  Travolta lives here and takes care of changing the Chinese man and bathing him...and dances for Pippin when she pulls the lever.

The walls are lined with useful tomes. There's also a trap door which is why the Closet is even a link you can click on. You see this trap door is a connection to another dimension. It's how people come and go directly from Travolta's closet and how the Evil Little Girl keeps kidnapping him. He fell down there one fateful day and it's been trouble ever since. The trap door probably leads other places too....like Hollywood...

Second Rescue of Travolta
The Spirit Procession of Pippin

merry_pippin [userpic]
by merry_pippin (merry_pippin)
at August 6th, 2006 (04:21 am)

~*~Our Imaginings in Pixels -+-

merry_pippin [userpic]
by merry_pippin (merry_pippin)
at August 6th, 2006 (04:03 am)

Second Rescue of Travolta

(Merry=Lee-Lee=Colleen, Pippin=KP=Katie=glip)

Pippin: **gets up and keeps walking**
Merry: *skips right into a formidable looking gentleman*
Merry: ow
Merry: .....um....sorry
Pippin: ......... may i ask who you are and what you're doing in our forest?
Merry: *he hands KP a letter*
Merry: *and stalks away*
Pippin: ...... **opens letter**
Merry: *letter reads* "I have reclaimed Travolta into my service and I recomend you do not attempt to steal him again." *it's writen on pink paper in crayon with hearts over the eyes and signed in a sloop childish way, Ristika*
Pippin: ........
Merry: uh?
Pippin: :-\ awww, dammit... this means we should be saving him...
Pippin: that creepy little girl stole travolta again...
Pippin: *sigh*
Merry: oh dear
Pippin: it just had to be a creepy little girl
Pippin: it couldn't be a creepy little mongoose
Pippin: or a creepy little eggplant
Pippin: noooooo
Merry: *jumps up and down* MONGOOSE MONGOOSE
Merry: ....sry
Pippin: .............. right, about rescuing travolta now
Merry: ....yeah
Merry: how do we do that?
Pippin: ummm... how'd we get there last time? basement?
Merry: yes
Merry: but I mean...it was all weird last time
Merry: and we barely got out alive
Merry: WITH lestat's help
Pippin: ..... well, we could wait until nightfall
Pippin: or go ask for help
Pippin: from someone else
Merry: I vote at least wait for nightfall
Merry: and bring lestat
Pippin: good idea
Pippin: and this time
Merry: because at least he's immortal
Pippin: and this time we'll have a rope
Pippin: so we don't get separated again
Merry: good plan
Merry: .....and may some little girl repellent
Merry: like...slugs or something
Pippin: yeah but this is a creepy little girl
Pippin: maybe we should bring a crucifix or something
Pippin: creepy little girls aren't normal
Merry: ....um....just keep the crucifix away from me
Pippin: ... why?
Pippin: i thought louis liked looking at crucifixes
Merry: he may
Pippin: well you're supposed to be just like him
Merry: ...nooooo
Merry: or I'd have an eternal child lover
Merry: I'm only kind of like him
Merry: and as you said
Merry: I am not as whinny
Merry: so...I'll get the rope then
Pippin: well i'm not getting the crucifix... that'd require going into a church
Pippin: ..... screw the crucifix, what else repels evil children?
Merry: an overwhelming force of good?
Pippin: ... uh..... aren't most of those highly irritating?
Merry: LOL
Merry: and hard to come by
Pippin: ... f**k this, if she tries anything i'll just tell lestat to bleed her dry...
Pippin: ...... *sigh* but he probably won't
Pippin: he'll just knock her out for a while
Merry: ...hmmmmmm
Pippin: it'll have to do though
Merry: ok
Pippin: ... let's hope that little freak doesn't hurt travolta too badly before nightfall
Merry: ....yeah
Pippin: i shall go prepare for the mission...
Pippin: Lestat and I shall meet you back here at nightfall
Merry: ok
Pippin: **walks out of IM window with a determined look**
Auto response from Pippin: **Preparations to save John
Pippin: Totally Travolta Weekend
Pippin: hahahahahahahaha
Merry: ......odd
Pippin: they've been showing Pulp Fiction, Primary Colours,
and all sorts of travolta movies
Merry: nuhhyhyunjn
Pippin: i think it was an omen that this was going to happen
Pippin: ....
Merry: ooojin>
Pippin: **Lestat walks in and hears this last comment** "... I
see things are pretty much in order here..."
Merry: *nods with tongue lolling out and cross eyed*
Pippin: **Lestat stares for a moment then turns to KP** "What was this big emergency of yours?"
Pippin: Travolta's been kidnapped
Merry: lyklyj
Pippin: "Mmm hmm... and her?" **points to lee-lee**
Merry: oh me just sleepy head
Pippin: ... good question... i can only assume she's tired
Pippin: ... i was right
Merry: eng-lish so much en'gy
Merry: revert native tongue
Pippin: **Lestat ignores lee-lee** "You two need to keep
better tabs on your B-list celebrities."
Pippin: it's not my fault the creepy little girl took him!
Pippin: don't blame this on me!
Merry: pidge
Merry: *nods solemly*
Pippin: "... right."
Pippin: well... let's get this over with
Pippin: before lee-lee passes out and dies
Merry: *toddles off to the basement*
Pippin: wait
Pippin: maybe we should try the trapdoor
Pippin: the basement is unpredictable
Pippin: and may take you anywhere
Merry: *blinks for a moment then heads toward the closet*
Merry: trigfoiew....llama
Pippin: **KP & Lestat follow**
Pippin: "... Well said."
Merry: *grins dumbly up at Lestat*
Pippin: ... *sigh*
Merry: *pulls open the trap door and summersaults in*
Pippin: **trapdoor leads to a cave with about a thousand different passages leading in different directions**
Pippin: **KP and Lestat follow down**
Pippin: ... hmmm...
Pippin: **KP pulls out a piece of paper and scribbles the word
"Travolta?" on it, and sends it flying... it seems to know which tunnel to go down**
Pippin: ((Pippin: and if you think i'm abnormally crazy tonight
Pippin: Merry: trigfoiew....llama
Rose: no, she is always that bizarre))
Merry: ......porchkin!
Merry: *grins dumbly at you*
Merry: [-LOL LOL LOL-]
Merry: [-and she's never even talked to me!-]
Pippin: ((it's just that obvious))
Pippin: "well... i think i know which way to go in any case..."
Merry: *skips off in the other direction momentarily before stubling back to follow you*
Pippin: **KP walks down the correct tunnel and shakes her head** we may have to just put her on a leash and drag her, lestat
Merry: [-....well I don't ALWAYS speak in gibberish, riddles,
sounds, etc....just ususualy-]
Pippin: "sounds like fun!"
Pippin: ((yeah, i think there've been one or two times when you've been coherent))
Merry: [-....shhhhh....-]
Merry: nip nip nip!
Merry: *looks fearful*
Pippin: aww come on, it'd be fun
Pippin: and you wouldn't have to walk
Pippin: we could just drag you
Pippin: and you could go to sleep
Merry: ichpen trofin
Pippin: "i'd even look out for big rocks and try to avoid them."
Merry: ...how sider-ate
Merry: :-P
Pippin: "well let it be known i did the least i can do."
Pippin: you always do the least you can do
Merry: tighig tighig
Pippin: "... touché."
Merry: toooshaytoooshay
Pippin: that sounds african
Merry: obun yehu umahi picuray-ah
Merry: beeya ma-ayee a....bee lengasia timanga?
Pippin: bumblebee tuna?
Merry: ....no.
Pippin: **tunnel gets lighter... another trapdoor can be seen above**
Merry: .....*runs up to it*
Pippin: uh lee-lee
Pippin: you might wanna let lestat go first
Pippin: as he cannot die
Merry: ...sneakin?
Pippin: but you can
Merry: pishtosh
Merry: diggin no graven biggen stinker
Pippin: **Lestat sighs and walks over, physically picks you up
with ease, and sets you aside... then climbs up himself**
Pippin: ... well there you are
Merry: ....sto-il stop
Merry: he say clear when?
Pippin: **Lestat opens the trap door a very tiny bit and peeks out**
Pippin: "Coast is clear."
Merry: ...*holds breath*
Pippin: **Lestat climbs up**
Merry: *follows him*
Pippin: **he offers a hand down**
Merry: *takes it*
Pippin: **he picks you up like a ragdoll and sets you up there**
Merry: oooooeeeee!
Pippin: **KP walks over and he does the same**
Pippin: it's like a roller coaster, i love that!
Merry: *looks around*
Pippin: now... where's travolta?
Merry: ....*points* ben trapet
Pippin: ... scuse me? in english?
Merry: ....in....that.....suitcase
Merry: *coughs*
Pippin: "... how the hell do you know that?"
Merry: *blinks at him confusedly*
Merry: brain fritzy tap power
Merry: unknown forces
Merry: locked up
Merry: *points to head*
Pippin: "... you're the most articulate person i've ever met."
Pippin: indeed...
Pippin: **KP walks to the suitcase and unzips it**
Merry: ...SLEEPY
Pippin: **unconscious john travolta falls out of suitcase**
Merry: ...see?
Merry: *points to him* grease dancer
Pippin: ... go greased lightening
Merry: home take we go please sleep so me now?
Pippin: **Lestat picks up travolta and slings him over his shoulder with ease** "to the trap door."
Pippin: shouldn't we do something about this girl
Merry: to trap door!
Pippin: so she stops taking him to begin with?
Merry: .....sense
Merry: ....tell mommy of her?
Pippin: finding her might get us lost... here **KP pulls out a pumpkin and a knife and a piece of paper... ((thanks to the magic of IM window land)) writes "you" on the paper and sticks knife through both paper and pumpkin**
Pippin: ... that'll do for now
Pippin: **KP opens the trapdoor and gestures for lestat and
colleen to go down**
Merry: *...jumps down with no care for the crunching sound her ankles make when she lands*
Merry: commin?
Pippin: ... that sounded like it hurt
Pippin: **Lestat jumps down with travolta**
Pippin: "Can you walk?"
Pippin: **KP jumps down as well**
Merry: *skips merrily ahead*
Pippin: "... Guess that's a yes..."
Pippin: **KP shrugs and follows... as does lestat**
Merry: *skips into a wall...falls over*
Merry: ...ooooch
Pippin: **Lestat grabs your wrist and starts to drag you**
Merry: ooooch ooch lemme go leeme go
Merry: *squeals*
Pippin: **Lestat lets go and lets you fall**
Pippin: **he shrugs and continues on**
Pippin: **KP looks at you**
Merry: *gets up and sticks tongue out at him*
Merry: *looks back at you*
Merry: hi?
Pippin: **looks mockingly hurt** "I was just trying to help!"
Pippin: **KP shakes head and laughs and walks on**
Merry: *skips along after KP*
Merry: ...emoy emoy teme eme kingme neme
Pippin: lee-lee is making my brain hurt
Merry: sorries!
Pippin: buh
Pippin: **the cave with all the tunnels is reached and the trapdoor to the IM window closet is right above** "Can someone get that for me?"
Pippin: "My hands are a bit full"
Merry: *opens it*
Merry: Katrinki?
Pippin: muh?
Merry: brain dead?
Pippin: **nods** muh
Merry: IIIIP!
Merry: opentake and rye!
Merry: *looks distressed*
Pippin: **Lestat shakes his head and climbs up through the trapdoor with travolta... he sets him on the inflatable couch and calls down** "let's hope one of you knows CPR or something.... this guy's still out cold."
Merry: ...*throws cold water on his face*
Pippin: **John Travolta wakes up sputtering** "WHA?!"
Merry: teehee
Merry: girlie steal you
Merry: we save
Merry: Katell?
Merry: up come are you?
Pippin: **Travolta** "... i really should start locking that trapdoor..."
Merry: ....yeppen
Pippin: **KP climbs up slowly and slumps on the floor of the closet** buh.
Merry: *looks at lestat*
Merry: Katoka brain go dead
Pippin: "... so it would seem."
Pippin: **Lestat blinks**
Pippin: **travolta goes to sleep on his inflatable couch**
Merry: ....*pokes KP*.....ever get better?
Pippin: **shrugs** muh muh?
Merry: broked! broked!
Merry: I broked!
Pippin: **KP stands up** muh... braaain neeeeed tuuuuurn ooooff
Merry: ohhhhhh
Merry: nap nap?
Pippin: braaaaaaaaaain naaaaap... KP nooooo
Merry: .....*blinks*
Merry: zombie>?
Pippin: **KP nods and stares forward blankly**
Merry: oooooooh
Merry: *sings cranberries*
Pippin: **Lestat looks at KP** "If she starts drooling I'm out of here."
Merry: hahahahha
Merry: no
Merry: ye shant sert Karaugh
Merry: that be meanieheaded
Pippin: **Lestat** "......... i don't know which one of you is in worse shape right now..."
Merry: *points to KP*
Merry: her be
Pippin: **KP falls over with a thud**
Merry: see?
Pippin: "... I think you might be right."
Merry: *walks over to KP*
Pippin: **KP stares ahead without blinking**
Merry: .....*feels for pulse*
Pippin: ugh
Merry: oh gooden
Merry: life beat
Pippin: ... ugh
Merry: ....you be'in better on morrow
Pippin: "... Boy you both are on a roll tonight."
Merry: *skips over to muffin's cage*
Merry: *feeds him and pets him*
Pippin: **Chinese man has been witnessing all this and is very confused**
Pippin: **chinese man stares at KP, then at Lestat, then at Lee-Lee**
Merry: *looks over* awwww
Merry: *hands him a banana and pats his head*
Merry: 's ok
Pippin: **chinese man blinks and takes banana... shrugs and eats it then curls up and goes to sleep on his rug**
Pippin: **KP grunts again** ugh.
Pippin: **Lestat picks her up and sets her gingerly in the beanbag chair**
Pippin: "She may be brain dead but that doesn't mean she has to be uncomfortable."
Merry: true be
Pippin: "Well... I should be going... I think if I stay here then my brain might turn to mush as well."
Merry: ...but me be sleep soon
Merry: need you watch Katou
Merry: so no she be deaden
Pippin: ".... She's lucky to have me around." **he grumbles and sits on the floor next to KP**
Merry: yes!
Merry: love you we do
Merry: me go sleepyby very soon
Merry: me boy say night night now
Pippin: "Well I guess that leaves me babysitting all night then..."
Merry: ....*points up* or russki
Merry: maybe they let you off
Merry: to go blood banking
Pippin: "I already ate, that's why I was late. Can't you tell by my gorgeous pallor?"
Pippin: **Lestat poses vogue-style**
Merry: ...*blinks cross eyed*...two heads IS better than one
Pippin: "... What's that supposed to mean?!"
Merry: ....peach pie?
Pippin: "*sigh* I'll just have to save my golden sense of humor for when you understand English."
Merry: ....yeppen
Pippin: **from beanbag chair** uggggh
Merry: ....me make her bad...me go soon...if boy ever lets me
Pippin: "Well do ya at least have a magazine or something? If I'm gonna be up all night making sure she doesn't die, I need something to do..."
Merry: *goes in closet*
Merry: *come sout with a stack of books*
Merry: here be
Pippin: **Travolta snores**
Merry: *hands lestat pile of books: histopry of copper kettles, fishing for dummies, how to steal marbles from kids, electromagnetic theory, and 10 step shopoholic recovery program*
Pippin: **Lestat stares at the books** "... Gee. This ought to
be one hell of a night."

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